With the vision of becoming the main supply center for tissue paper throughout the Caribbean, Grand Bay Paper is definitely on their way to conquering their goal! They have successfully partnered with major paper converters in markets such as Trinidad, Venezuela, Barbados, Ecuador, Suriname, Dominican Republic and Grenada. The plant has a capacity exceeding 30000 tonnes per year producing product grades between 15-37GSM of bathroom tissue, paper towels and napkins.

In light of the expanding competitive landscape that spans as far as China, Grand Bay Paper has a competitive advantage of operating the only paper mill in the English speaking Caribbean. This translates into cost saving benefits for their regional clients including shorter lead times that range from overnight to 4 day delivery periods, lower freight costs and the comfort to purchase minimum quantities more frequently.

Apart from these benefits, that can significantly improve the efficiency of the overall purchasing process for any client, the services of GBP are also customized to meet the varied specifications required. With these factors in mind itís not surprising that their loyal customer base has grown over the last year.